James' Shelves

James' Shelves

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Hello James,

Thanks for requesting a render from us!  

Attached are renderings of your Galaxy and your Hornet, both in the following dimensions and colour:

  • Width 80.5" [please confirm - one was 80.5 the other was 81.5]. 
  • Height 72.0"
  • Depth 11"
  • No Trim cutout
  • Colour: After Hours

If this works for you, you can go ahead and place your order for the variant you prefer (or both, if needed). Because the prices are the same, simply include the variant you would like in the order notes (Galaxy or Hercules), or send us an email.

Alternatively, please let us know if there is anything you would like changed! 

All Messen furniture can be returned hassle-free within 90 days of delivery. While ensuring your satisfaction is our #1 goal, returning furniture can be costly and result in significant waste and emissions. If you have any hesitations about your order, please consider:

  • Requesting free renderings at the top of the page by selecting a custom size and clicking “send me a picture!”.
  • Seeing customer reviews and photos.
  • Contacting us with any (and we mean any) questions you might have.

You can see our full refund & warranty policy here.

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