S / After Hours-1 S / After Hours-2 S / After Hours-3
S / Apres Ski-1 S / Apres Ski-2 S / Apres Ski-3
S / Casting at First Light-1 S / Casting at First Light-2 S / Casting at First Light-3
S / Latitude North-1 S / Latitude North-2 S / Latitude North-3
S / Stargazer-1 S / Stargazer-2 S / Stargazer-3
S / Sugar on Ice-1 S / Sugar on Ice-2 S / Sugar on Ice-3
S / Summertime Blues-1 S / Summertime Blues-2 S / Summertime Blues-3
S / Tea for Two-1 S / Tea for Two-2 S / Tea for Two-3
S / Tete-a-Tete-1 S / Tete-a-Tete-2 S / Tete-a-Tete-3
S / Weekend Getaway-1 S / Weekend Getaway-2 S / Weekend Getaway-3
S / Winter Fun-1 S / Winter Fun-2 S / Winter Fun-3
M / After Hours-1 M / After Hours-2 M / After Hours-3
M / Apres Ski-1 M / Apres Ski-2 M / Apres Ski-3
M / Casting at First Light-1 M / Casting at First Light-2 M / Casting at First Light-3
M / Latitude North-1 M / Latitude North-2 M / Latitude North-3
M / Stargazer-1 M / Stargazer-2 M / Stargazer-3
M / Sugar on Ice-1 M / Sugar on Ice-2 M / Sugar on Ice-3
M / Summertime Blues-1 M / Summertime Blues-2 M / Summertime Blues-3
M / Tea for Two-1 M / Tea for Two-2 M / Tea for Two-3
M / Tete-a-Tete-1 M / Tete-a-Tete-2 M / Tete-a-Tete-3
M / Weekend Getaway-1 M / Weekend Getaway-2 M / Weekend Getaway-3
M / Winter Fun-1 M / Winter Fun-2 M / Winter Fun-3
Custom / After Hours-1 Custom / After Hours-3
Custom / Apres Ski-1 Custom / Apres Ski-3
Custom / Casting at First Light-1 Custom / Casting at First Light-3
Custom / Latitude North-1 Custom / Latitude North-3
Custom / Stargazer-1 Custom / Stargazer-3
Custom / Sugar on Ice-1 Custom / Sugar on Ice-3
Custom / Summertime Blues-1 Custom / Summertime Blues-3
Custom / Tea for Two-1 Custom / Tea for Two-3
Custom / Tete-a-Tete-1 Custom / Tete-a-Tete-3
Custom / Weekend Getaway-1 Custom / Weekend Getaway-3
Custom / Winter Fun-1 Custom / Winter Fun-3



made locally from recycled Canadian materials


After Hours
Apres Ski
Casting at First Light
Latitude North
Sugar on Ice
Summertime Blues
Tea for Two
Weekend Getaway
Winter Fun



we're doing furniture differently

the Falcon

a living room essential

Perfect for entertaining, tying a room together, or putting your feet up, the Falcon coffee table is an essential to any living room. There’s a reason the Falcon coffee table is our top-selling product. With an ultra-modern aesthetic and simplistic design, this coffee table works in any living room. The hollow middle of our table is ideal for any storage needs and we created a floating base that elevates the table so it’s at the perfect height and eliminates any risk for stubbed toes.

Like all Messen Furniture products, the Falcon coffee table is completely customizable and made with sustainable, Canadian engineered wood. Laminate veneers that are slightly textured to the touch, giving you the look and feel of natural wood. Plus, one simple fastener means stress-free assembly and reassembly and our shelves can be built in minutes.

quality that lasts

The Falcon coffee table, like all Messen furniture, is durable and built to last. Through thoughtful engineering, we have created a design that is sturdy and will maintain rigidity for years to come.

We’re on a mission to change the way you buy furniture online. We believe in quality and full transparency and we stand behind our product. When you order from Messen we guarantee a product that will stand the test of time and complete any room in your home.

bringing custom into every home

Finding furniture that fits into your unique space is no small feat. Trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why we are bringing customizable and affordable furniture to everyone. Looking through different websites and having multiple tabs open to compare products that you hope will fit exactly where you want, is time-consuming and often ends in a return. We want you to experience the peace of mind that a perfect fit can bring and to find a product you love, the first time.

We believe so strongly in this that we offer free returns, no questions asked, for 90 days after your purchase.

welcome to the future of furniture.

We make entirely customizable furniture at a reasonable price while staying committed to being environmental and economic stewards. But how?

We skip the carbon-heavy logistics and the need for warehouses. Instead, we make our furniture to order by partnering with the highest quality local manufacturers right here in Kelowna.

We also make our furniture specifically for you and your home and ship it for free in 3 weeks or less, which means less new furniture, less often.

By choosing Messen, you are choosing furniture made in Canada, using Canadian materials, and that contributes to a healthy, circular economy. How good is that?

Our journey is just beginning, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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