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Alexandre's Hornet

Customized for you by our designer Cruz

Hello Alexandre, 

This is your custom Hornet! The hornet comes with adjustable shelf pins, so it's possible to get a nice geometric/asymmetrical look (as pictured here). The shelf pins are spaced at ~1.5" - if you'd like more or less shelf pins please let us know. It will come with enough shelves to make a "standard" hornet, and then you're welcome to move the shelves around as you would like to get the look you want. The following are the dimensions of your hornet:

Width: 125"
Height: 95"
Depth: 10"
Trim Height: 8"
Trim Depth: 1.5"
Colour: Casting at First Light
Price: $1,990


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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Alexandre's Hornet Alexandre's Hornet
Alexandre's Hornet Alexandre's Hornet