Step 3: Request a Rendering

Under each product is a form that you can fill out inputting some basic information about you and your desired furniture. This information allows us to quickly determine the price of your furniture, as well as provide you individualized pictures and drawings of your proposed piece to make sure you know exactly what you are getting. 

To submit your design, select your product from our catalogue, enter the required information on the form and then click “send me a rendering”. Within 24 hours we will send you a rendering and drawing. We encourage you to include a description in the "tell us about your project" section as well! You can also ask any questions or provide comments if you like - if you have a small request regarding the furniture, we may even be able to accommodate it depending on the complexity. 

You may request as many renderings and drawings as you need to make sure you get your perfect fit.

Working with a Designer

Although there is no need to work with a designer to purchase Messen furniture, if you are working with someone who is helping you design your home and is modelling a room for you please feel free to include their contact information (or yours if you are modelling your own room) and we can also send them 3D files to use.