Our Why

Our dream at Messen is to bring custom furniture to every Canadian’s home. Through thoughtful and detailed engineering, we have developed a unique and innovative manufacturing and distribution process that leaves the important customization decisions with our customers, while keeping the process simple. 

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For a long time, custom furniture was a privilege for the elite few who had the time and resources to acquire it, and only those fortunate enough to own custom furniture got to experience how fit and finish add a special feeling to a home. Here at Messen, we want to share the made-to-measure feeling with everyone. We offer a handful of designs that can be customized to the exact preferences of each customer. 


We take great care in going the extra mile to ensure we are doing our part when creating our furniture. All Messen furniture is made to order, which not only ensures we have the highest level of quality control; we also don’t make excess furniture with the need to store it in a warehouse.

We also like to keep things local. All of our furniture is made and designed in the Okanagan valley and we work closely with our local manufacturer to bring you the highest quality cut and finish. The material in Messen furniture is 100% Canadian recycled wood that conforms to the most stringent environmental standards.

We are on a mission to change the way you buy and think about furniture. From educating our customers on where their furniture is actually coming from and how it’s made, to shedding light on the wasteful practices of traditional manufacturing, our goal is to continue to be transparent and we are always finding ways to do better.


Instantly customizable furniture at your finger tips. Choose your design, input your measurements, find your colour and leave the rest to us.


Less waste, less transportation and less excess furniture, all thanks to technology. Sustainably made furniture, sent right to your door.


All of our products are designed, sourced and made in Canada. Our goal is to contribute to a circular economy that keeps economic and environmental benefits in our local communities.


We’re on a mission to make you fall back in love with online furniture shopping. Our customizable furniture is made to order and we see every piece, from start to finish.

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