Made Sustainably

Sustainability isn't just a slogan, it's integral to our company's success. 

Sustainability starts with certified recycled materials. All of Messen's furniture is made from a 100% recycled, super-premium, wood product. The decorative panels used in all of our furniture is of a strictly superior quality, and sourced only from Canadian leaders in this industry. These panels are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as well as the Composite Panel Association's Eco-Certified Composite Grademark Program for meeting some of the industry's highest standards in environmental sustainability, and have received other certifications relating to both quality and environmental practice. 

From there, you need a durable product that stands the test of time. Sustainability isn't just choosing a product that is made with environmental principles in mind, but choosing a product that needs to be replaced less often. Messen furniture is made with thicker and more durable materials, creating a final product that is less prone to damage and warping due to load or time. 

And don't forget, shipping matters. Your Messen furniture is made in your community, creating a logistic and supply chain that is more conducive to efficient transportation. The raw materials for our products are sourced close to the factory that makes them. From there, those are shipped to a distributor in your community and can be accessed by multiple manufacturers, including Messen. We then build our furniture just for you in the city where you live and ship it straight to you. That's a lot less transportation than mass-manufactured alternatives. 

The result is truly forward looking. Your Messen furniture is made with sustainability and the environment in mind, and we like to thing this is reflected in every piece that we make.