Made Custom

Your Messen furniture is made to measure by giving you control over the design process. 

The dimensions in all our furniture are customizable down to the millimeter. The width, height and depth of your piece can be fully customized to make sure it fits perfectly in your space - guaranteed to within +/- 3 millimeters (1/8 in.). We use a computer assisted design and manufacturing that process that adjusts a given style to the dimensions that you specify, allowing you to pick a look that you like and make it work for your space. 

Your baseboards matter. The difference between a custom look and a cookie-cutter one is judged by how well a piece fits in your space. Few furniture designers today offer furniture that truly fits your home, especially the baseboards. At Messen we understand what it means to have a custom look, and we don't miss the details. 

Colors and Textures are at the core of a room and with Messen you can pick the ones that fit your space. We offer all our furniture in eight different swatches, each creating its own unique look and feel in your space. 

Together, you have a piece that is perfect for you. Custom furniture creates a look and feel for your home that is special. Whether you want a background piece that doesn't steal the show, or a centerpiece to capture everyone's attention, Messen is the perfect place to start - or end - your home furnishing journey.