Made Better

Here at Messen, we live and breath quality, and your custom furniture won't just be a fixture, but a talking point.

It all starts with beautiful materials that are safe for you and your home. We use a super-premium, ultra-low formaldehyde emitting, engineered wood for our furniture that also happens to be 100% recycled. Not only are these materials durable and strong, but aesthetically they bring a depth and feel to furniture that cheaper alternatives lack.  

Next, our furniture is made with a stronger, more durable core. The panels we use are built stronger and with more glue than cheaper counterparts, which means that they last longer. We never use "honeycomb" cores - a sneaky trick some high-volume manufacturers use to make cheaper products. Beyond simply being made of a higher quality material, we also use thicker parts. Our furniture is made from material that is 19mm (.75 in.) thick. This means our furniture doesn't just hold more, it's more stable and has more presence when on display. 

Third, we edgeband everything. Edgebanding is the way you protect the edges of material after it's been cut. We edgeband every exposed edge that we can with a high quality, ultra-realistic engineered veneer that matches your chosen material. With the exception of your trim cutout and edges that have joints, every edge of your Messen furniture is protected. With fewer exposed edges, our furniture is less susceptible to spills and and your hands are less susceptible to splinters. 

One fastener makes life easier. To assemble our furniture, you need only two tools and two parts: dowels and cams (included in the package) and a screwdriver and hammer. That's it. Even better, there's no cluttered mess of instructions to follow. Each piece of furniture has short video showing you how to assemble your furniture, regardless of the dimensions you ordered it in.  

With benefits like these, your friends and family will notice immediately that you furniture wasn't just made by anybody. It was made by Messen, and it was made to measure.