Step 1: Choose your Dimensions

After choosing a style from our catalogue, you can "Request a Rendering" and input the dimensions for your piece. Choose the width, depth and height as well as select the "trim cutout" dimensions which will allow your piece to sit flush to the wall by sitting overtop of the floor moulding in your home. 



When choosing your furniture, there's a few things you might want to keep in mind. 


Messen guarantees your furniture is built to within +/- 3 millimeters (1/8 in.) of the dimensions you specify. While this may seem precise,  many homes are not built to this level of precision – floors are often not level when measured and drywall can be installed with measurable defects that might not be perceptible to the human eye. Although Messen guarantees that we will build our furniture to the specifications you request, we cannot guarantee that our furniture will fit in the space you want it to. We do not accept returns except in accordance with our refund policy, and we kindly ask that you double, triple and quadruple check your measurements, especially if you want your furniture to fit in a very tight space.


Items such as wall outlets, ceiling trim or other fixtures can get in the way of the products sitting flush to the wall. Keep these items in mind when choosing your dimensions. We will also send you a drawing before you confirm your purchase, which may allow you to decide if the obstacle will come into conflict with your furniture. If you want to to pass wires through your furniture, leave extra height and width around the trim cutout as necessary to ensure the cables will fit.