Our Brand

What is “Messen”?

“Messen” means “measure” in the German language. The inspiration? “Measure” doesn’t sound like a great brand name in English, so a little help from Google translate and we were off to the races.

What do you mean by “Product of Canada”?

Messen’s furniture is designed and engineered in Canada by Canadians, is manufactured in a Canadian owned workshop in your community, and is made from Canadian wood products sourced from Canadian wood. Products that do not have their origins in Canada (such as some packaging or hardware), are sourced from Canadian distributers.



What can I customize?

You can customize the following aspects of your furniture as applicable:
  • Texture/Color
  • Height (distance from floor)
  • Width (distance side to side)
  • Depth (distance front to back)
  • Trim Height 
  • Trim Depth

What is Trim? 

Many homes have a trim on the floors, but most furniture does not have an adequate cutout to accommodate this trim, which means when you push the furniture against the wall it does not sit flush. Messen allows you to tell us the size of your floor trim (the depth or how "thick" it is, and the height, how "tall" it is) so that your furniture sits flush against the wall for a perfect fit. 


Installation and Manufacturing

How are you able to customize each piece?

Messen’s designs use a mathematical process to design all of the furniture we sell. Everything from how to easily manufacture custom pieces to how the pieces connect together was combed over in meticulous detail to ensure that dimensional/customization changes to the piece do not fundamentally affect its look and feel, giving our customers the opportunity to have the perfect piece exactly the way they like it.

What materials is your furniture made from?

Messen sources its wood from Canadian leaders in the engineered wood product industry to supply the materials for our furniture. These materials have a texture, depth and realism that elevates the look and feel of our products well beyond what you might expect from a lower tier engineered wood. The result is an unparalleled level of detail, depth, light reflection and durability from your Messen furniture.

How is your furniture made?

Our furniture is manufactured using a CNC router. This allows us to cut each piece for you exactly the way you ordered it in as quickly as it might take some "normal" furniture to ship.

How do I assemble my furniture?

We don’t like paper, and we don’t like confusing instructions – all of our assembly instructions are in video format, the links to which are sent with your product. Because of the design philosophy behind our products, the assembly process for each piece is effectively the same regardless of the dimensions you ordered your product in. On the page for each piece of furniture is an “instructions” link that will take you to a video showing you thoroughly and efficiently, in step-by-step fashion, how to assemble your furniture. For an average sized piece, it shouldn’t take more than an hour start-to-finish to assemble it.

How do I make sure my furniture is safely secured?

You MUST fasten your Messen furniture securely to a wall unless the product instructions say otherwise. We care about you and your family’s safety, and our goal is to never be the source of a furniture accident. Because each piece we sell is custom, we insist you treat each piece of our furniture as a tipping/fall hazard. Included with each piece of Messen furniture is a kit for mounting your furniture to a wall. Mounting items to a wall can be dangerous, and if you are not familiar with the process we recommend you hire a professional or have us install your piece for you. 

What kind of fasteners do you use? Are they visible?

Messen uses a unique fastener in order to achieve the degree of customizability that we offer. As a result, on some of our designs these fasteners are more visible than in others despite our careful efforts to hide them as best as possible. Our fasteners come in an number of different colors, and we match fastener color to your choice of texture as closely as possible to reduce contrast wherever they are visible. As a result, in the majority of applications they are mostly unnoticeable even where they are visible.



How do you price your furniture? How is your custom furniture priced?

Messen sources materials in a sheet-good format. From those sheets, all of the pieces for our furniture are cut. Therefore, our pricing correlates almost completely with the cost of our materials. Our standard sizes have all been optimized to, whenever possible, use as close to 100% of a sheet of material as possible. To do so, we use a sophisticated software that lays out pieces on each sheet, ensuring maximum efficient use of the material. For custom orders, we lay out the parts for the pieces and simply charge based on our materials. A custom piece that uses the same amount of material as a standard piece will cost the exact same price and for this reason we encourage our customers to get the exact dimensions they would like. 

Returns, Warranties and Guarantees

What is your return policy?

Your Messen furniture was made just for you, and just for your home. We do not accept returns on furniture, and this is why we request that you measure carefully and contact us if you have any questions about our products. Notwithstanding, we stand behind our product and if you are seeking to return a piece because of a defect, quality issue or some other problem, please see our return policy here.

What is your warranty policy?

We take pride in our furniture, and the most important thing to us is that you receive exactly what you were expecting. We guarantee it. Should your product encounter an issue during the reasonable course of its life, we will make it right. Please note, incorrect measurement or misuse of your product (including, among other things, overloading the furniture, not fastening your product to the wall, applying excessive lateral force or introducing moisture) is not covered under warranty.