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We ship Canada-wide! Shipping cost vary depending on distance and size/weight.

You can customize the following aspects of your furniture as applicable:

  • Texture/Color
  • Height (distance from floor)
  • Width (distance side to side)
  • Depth (distance front to back)
  • Trim Height
  • Trim Depth

Each piece is unique and prices are calculated based on your personalized specifications. You can use our “standard sizes” to get a rough sense of what your custom piece will cost. Getting a quote and renderings is free, just submit your information above and we’ll get you details within 24 hours!

All Messen furniture can be returned hassle-free within 90 days of delivery. While ensuring your satisfaction is our #1 goal, returning furniture can be costly and result in significant waste and emissions. If you have any hesitations about your order, please consider:

  • Requesting free renderings at the top of the page by selecting a custom size and clicking “send me a picture!”.
  • Seeing customer reviews and photos.
  • Contacting us with any (and we mean any) questions you might have.

You can see our full refund & warranty policy here.

We offer home-installation at check-out ranging from $125 to $250 depending on the size of your piece. Our home installation includes all assembly and positioning of your product, but does NOT include securing your furniture to a wall.

All furniture is a tipping hazard that can cause serious injury or death. You MUST fasten your Messen furniture securely to a wall to prevent it from tipping. If you do not feel comfortable doing so yourself, we highly recommend contacting a contractor to assist you.

Messen’s furniture is designed and engineered in Canada, manufactured in a Canadian owned workshop in your community, and is made from Canadian wood products. Inputs that do not have their origins in Canada (such as some packaging or hardware), are sourced from Canadian distributers.

Our furniture is made to order from your specifications in a workshop right here in Kelowna. This allows us to cut each piece exactly the way you ordered it and get it to you in 3 weeks or less.

It turns out, custom furniture doesn’t fit very nicely in boxes. Your furniture will arrive at your door in custom protective packaging. Inside will be all the pieces and hardware for your furniture as well as instructions and a stubby screwdriver.