Custom / After Hours-1 After Hours-3 Custom / After Hours-4
Custom / Apres Ski-1 Apres Ski-3 Custom / Apres Ski-4
Custom / Casting at First Light-1 Casting at First Light-3 Custom / Casting at First Light-4
Custom / Latitude North-1 Latitude North-3 Custom / Latitude North-4
Custom / Stargazer-1 Stargazer-3 Custom / Stargazer-4
Custom / Sugar on Ice-1 Sugar on Ice-3 Custom / Sugar on Ice-4
Custom / Summertime Blues-1 Summertime Blues-3 Custom / Summertime Blues-4
Custom / Tea for Two-1 Tea for Two-3 Custom / Tea for Two-4
Custom / Tete-a-Tete-1 Tete-a-Tete-3 Custom / Tete-a-Tete-4
Custom / Weekend Getaway-1 Weekend Getaway-3 Custom / Weekend Getaway-4
Custom / Winter Fun-1 Winter Fun-3 Custom / Winter Fun-4
s-after-hours-1 S / After Hours-2 After Hours-3 S / After Hours-4
s-apres-ski-1 S / Apres Ski-2 Apres Ski-3 S / Apres Ski-4
s-casting-at-first-light-1 S / Casting at First Light-2 Casting at First Light-3 S / Casting at First Light-4
s-latitude-north-1 S / Latitude North-2 Latitude North-3 S / Latitude North-4
s-stargazer-1 S / Stargazer-2 Stargazer-3 S / Stargazer-4
s-sugar-on-ice-1 S / Sugar on Ice-2 Sugar on Ice-3 S / Sugar on Ice-4
s-summertime-blues-1 S / Summertime Blues-2 Summertime Blues-3 S / Summertime Blues-4
s-tea-for-two-1 S / Tea for Two-2 Tea for Two-3 S / Tea for Two-4
s-tete-a-tete-1 S / Tete-a-Tete-2 Tete-a-Tete-3 S / Tete-a-Tete-4
s-weekend-getaway-1 S / Weekend Getaway-2 Weekend Getaway-3 S / Weekend Getaway-4
s-winter-fun-1 S / Winter Fun-2 Winter Fun-3 S / Winter Fun-4
m-after-hours-1 M / After Hours-2 After Hours-3 M / After Hours-4
m-apres-ski-1 M / Apres Ski-2 Apres Ski-3 M / Apres Ski-4
m-casting-at-first-light-1 M / Casting at First Light-2 Casting at First Light-3 M / Casting at First Light-4
m-latitude-north-1 M / Latitude North-2 Latitude North-3 M / Latitude North-4
m-stargazer-1 M / Stargazer-2 Stargazer-3 M / Stargazer-4
m-sugar-on-ice-1 M / Sugar on Ice-2 Sugar on Ice-3 M / Sugar on Ice-4
m-summertime-blues-1 M / Summertime Blues-2 Summertime Blues-3 M / Summertime Blues-4
m-tea-for-two-1 M / Tea for Two-2 Tea for Two-3 M / Tea for Two-4
m-tete-a-tete-1 M / Tete-a-Tete-2 Tete-a-Tete-3 M / Tete-a-Tete-4
m-weekend-getaway-1 M / Weekend Getaway-2 Weekend Getaway-3 M / Weekend Getaway-4
m-winter-fun-1 M / Winter Fun-2 Winter Fun-3 M / Winter Fun-4


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Product Description

Our modernly equipped TV stand is fully customizable with side storage and a spacious middle section that is designed to keep all your tv accessories in one place. Our completely customizable design lets you adjust the height, width, depth and colour of the piece. We’ve added textured veneers to give the look and feel of natural wood. The 150 lbs capacity of this tv stand ensures it's durable enough for some of the largest TV’s on the market.

    • Modern TV stand with a spacious middle section and side storage
    • Designed for organization and to house electronic accessories
    • Supports TV’s that weigh up to 150 lbs
    • Completely customizable sizes
    • Choose from 11 different colours to match your decor
    • Designed and made in the Okanagan Valley
    • Delivered in 3 weeks or less
    • Trim cutout option
    • Easy to assemble
    • 90 day returns

    Messen uses Canadian non-toxic particleboard with durable high-quality textured veneers. The material we use is an environmentally friendly recycled wood product sourced from sustainably harvested forests.

    We have video instructions for each product that are sent to you after your purchase. The video is short and easy to follow, and helps to give you a visual of putting your piece together. All you need is a screwdriver, a hammer and about 20-60 minutes depending on the size of your product.
    We also offer home-installation for Kelowna residents at checkout, ranging from $125 to $250 depending on the size of your piece.

    All Messen furniture can be returned hassle-free within 90 days of delivery. While ensuring your satisfaction is our #1 goal, returning furniture can be costly and result in significant waste and emissions. If you have any hesitations about your order, please consider:

    • Requesting free renderings at the top of the page by selecting a custom size and clicking “send me a picture!”.
    • Seeing customer reviews and photos.
    • Contacting us with any (and we mean any) questions you might have.

    You can see our full refund & warranty policy here.

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