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A built-in look has never been more accessible. The Super-Hornet signifies the birth of Messen - it was our first design and was driven by the difficulty of finding shelving that fits. This bookcase is offered from 30" wide and up, allowing you to make the most of the space in your home. Whether it's for your library or your favorite décor, a finished look has never been this easy, and its durable construction is a welcome step-up from what the 'other guys' typically offer. Premium, durable Canadian engineered wood and laminate veneers beautifully mimic the look and feel of real wood, and are slightly textured to the touch to replicate the feel of wood grain. 

This Super-Hornet is fully customizable, free of charge.  Click "custom size" above to send us the details!

Shelves can be moved up or down as needed along pre-drilled holes that are spaced 2 inches apart vertically starting from the bottom shelf. 

  • Made in Kelowna from recycled, 100% Canadian, premium engineered wood with textured veneer. Read about what makes our furniture special
  • Made to order - arrives in 3 weeks or less. 
  • Holds approximately 30lbs per shelf depending on configuration, but can hold up to 50lbs per shelf - request a custom shelf to get started. 
  • Assembly required (instructions included) - professional installation available at check-out. 
  • Sizes:
    • M = 95"H x 48"W x 11"D
    • L = 95"H x 70"W x 11"D
    • XL = 95"H x 90"W x 13"D
    • XXL = 95"H x 110"W x 13"D
  • Customizable - pricing is based on the same formula used to calculate our standard sizes and will fall between $750 and $1,660 (including shipping) depending on configuration. Read about our transparent pricing in our FAQ.
  • Need something a little smaller? Consider this shelf's little brother, the Hornet
  • Note: exact wood grain pattern and direction may vary from photos. 
  • This design must be safely secured to a wall. 
  • Picture just not quite enough for you to make a decision? We get it - you can order 5" x 8" swatch samples by clicking here

Questions? Need some help? We are just an email or a phone-call away. Please see our contact page for information on how to get in touch. 

Customisation Info

Customising your product is easy. Simply pick your desired dimensions, pick a texture, and click the "Custom Size" button above.

There are, however, a few tips we like to let you know about. The first is that we build the piece exactly to the dimensions you specify. If you're unsure about the exact dimensions (or if, for instance, your floors aren't perfectly level), it's best to leave a little extra room as applicable to make sure things fit.

In the same vein, consider if there are items like outlets, light switches or vents that might get in the way, as these might affect the flushness of your fit.

Lastly, please note that we won't know the price for your custom item until you have given the dimensions to us, but your product will follow the same price scheme as the 'standard sizes' i.e. it will be an "S" or "M" and so on depending on the configuration. The way we price products is based purely on the amount of material required to manufacture it. If your product is very close to fitting into a smaller size, or if there's a small change that can be made to use material more efficently, we will let you know.

Typically, we design this shelf with a slightly larger spans to efficiently use materials. This means that shelves can hold approximately 25-30lbs. However, if you have a very heavy collection or want to ensure you shelves experience very little sag, please note this when requesting your rendering and we'll adjust the design to make sure the shelf can accomodate the weight you need. For instances, a shelf filled from end to end with only books usually weights about 40lbs, but can be as much as 60lbs or more then the books are hardcover.