The value of seeing things in person [Messen Blog Shorts].

Author’s comment: I am still a student and classes are coming to their conclusion, with exams to follow. For the next few weeks, everything at Messen will be running as normal, but our blog posts will be a bit shorter to ensure I can keep up with everything that is going on. We will be back to full-length weekly blogs on April 26, 2020.

Digital Graudation

Allegedly, I graduate this year...

Shopping for furniture online is not easy (but then again, neither is shopping for furniture in-store… ). Thankfully, here at Messen we’re on a laser-focused mission to make that experience better.

The look and feel you want to create in a room are important, and despite the amount of attention we put in to making compelling and true-to-life digital imagery, nothing quite beats the real thing. As a result, we’re proud to be launching our swatch program. This program lets you order sample pieces for only the cost of shipping. Decide to purchase a piece? We’ll even refund the shipping!

Our program makes buying custom furniture in Kelowna even easier in four simple steps:

  1. Go to the “order a swatch” section on 
  2. Pick the swatch colour you want to see. We’ve included full size and up-close photos of the woodgrain patterns. Still can’t decide? Add your selected swatch to cart. Do this for all of the swatches you would like to see in-person.
  3. Once ready, proceed to checkout, pay $15 for each swatch, and $15 for shipping. We expedite 5” x 8” swatches to you and include a return shipping label.
  4. Once you return the swatches, we refund you the $15 for each swatch. This allows us to re-use the swatches which is great, and you’ve only paid for shipping! If you do decide to make a purchase, we’ll deduct the shipping cost from your order!

custom furniture swatches Messen furniture Kelowna.

This is just seven of our 11 colours. Our 'brownish' swatches are out with a client right now, but we'll be getting plenty more this week!

Ta-da! Sometimes, you just need see a colour in person. As a new company, we’re learning a lot about how to serve our valued clients. Nearly every customer we’ve had to-date has had a hard time choosing between our varied selection of colours, and we’ve responded by trying to create a program that gets colours into your hands so that you can feel confident in your purchase.

Is there a colour you desperately want for your furniture? Are you trying to get a particular look in your room? Leave us a comment, and we'll take note!  Alternatively, get in touch and ask us any questions you have about Messen furniture or our designs!

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Learn more about how we are changing the way you buy furniture online using technology and sustainable practices that make customizable furniture accessible to everyone.

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