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Spring cleaning is a regular occurrence for many people in March. Preparing to host friends and family this spring and summer involves tidying your space to make it a clean and clutter-free environment. However, when living in a smaller space, a clutter-free home isn’t always easily achievable. We’ve lived through and understand this problem, this is why our furniture directly addresses this need of maximizing your space with perfectly tailored bookcases, TV stands, and coffee tables. 

Recognizing that some people are not in the market for a brand new customizable bookcase or cannot afford it currently, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can increase the functionality of your space this spring without investing too much in new furniture.

Floating Shelves

 Floating Shelves

We find floating shelves to be a cost-effective savior in the realm of maximizing your space. They’re a versatile tool that can vary in all shapes and sizes to match the theme of your interior design. Don’t have enough books to call for a full-sided ladder shelf? Buy some floating shelves. These shelves increase your floor space while acting as a decoration on the wall, it truly is a win-win product. You can find affordable floating shelves at almost every home store and many online retailers. Messen hopes to bring a floating shelf product to market in the future.

Door Organizers

Hanging Door Organizer

Whether it be on the back of the bathroom door or the back of the pantry door, door organizers are the unsung hero of interior organizing. Though they are not as aesthetically pleasing as a modern bookshelf or room divider, they are a great alternative to help create a clutter-free home. Many retailers sell a unique and functional product selection that applies to all rooms in your space, all at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Nothing like hiding your storage behind closed doors! 

Cubey Storage

Cubey Storage

Storage cubbies can be your best friend when it comes to organizing your space. They come in all colours, materials, dimensions, and shapes, making it easy to personalize your storage needs. Now adding these wonderful cubbies to a modern bookshelf can make a world of change while adding some extra flair to your home. Our product, the Sabre Bookshelf, is perfect for these cubbies, coming in the dimensions you select and you can choose from 11 different colours to match your home's look. If a high-quality wooden bookshelf is out of your budget, no need to worry, there are many ways to creatively store storage cubbies. For example, wire shelves, under your bed, or you could even stack them in closets. The point is that cubbies make for a portable and storable organization tool that doesn’t break the bank.

Opt for Storage

Falcon Coffee Table

When shopping for new furniture or decorations, always think of the storage capabilities it adds to your space. While the appeal and aesthetic are very important on your first impression, adding the ability to store or organize your belongings in a tidy way is of utmost importance. For example, our Falcon Coffee Table offers a modern simplistic design, while providing a roomy storage space tucked underneath. The design is different from the traditional coffee table, as it doesn’t have legs. However, the open-concept structure allows for easy storage that doesn’t take away from the table’s appeal. We as a company think functionality is most valued when paired with style, that is why we make furniture where the customer picks the dimensions and colours. Regardless if you choose from our collection, or prefer to shop elsewhere, prioritizing the storage capabilities in your next piece of furniture with help maximize your living space., 

Corner Shelving

Sidewinder Corner Shelf

Corners are difficult to utilize in your interior decorating plans. Frequently, space is somewhat wasted with floor lamps or chairs. Incorporating corner shelving into your home can have a serious impact on the openness of your space. Our Sidewinder Shelf is perfect for this problem, with the option to select the size, no room will be left wasted. Implementing corner storage is a very effective tactic to ensure you are getting the most out of your space.  

We hope you found some helpful tips in this instalment of our blog. Though we would love to supply you with our awesome products, we understand that not everyone is ready to invest in tailored furniture. Messen was founded on the value of easily finding furniture that can perfectly fit the spot you desire it to fit. So, we want to help you minimize your wasted space and maximize your space. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at info@messenfurniture.com.

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