3 Furniture Trends for this Spring

As the end of winter is fastly approaching, it is time to consider adding new features to freshen up your space. We spend most of our time at home nowadays, so we understand that loving the space you spend most of your time in is important. A new season brings new fads and trends, we’ve compiled a small list to help spark some ideas for your creativity to wonder. We would like to thank Food52 & The Spruce for much of the inspiration and guidance on this passage of the Messen blog.

Sabre Shelf

Sustainable Furniture

As carbon emissions continue to cause pressing problems, consumers are heavily considering the impact their purchases have on the environment. Whether you boycott buying single-use plastic or wood that is sourced using unsustainable harvesting practices, this is a key area of interest for consumers these days. Especially in the furniture industry, where many manufacturers do not source their materials responsibly. For example, we have touched on this issue in a previous instalment titled Where and How is your Furniture Made?. At Messen, we have made transparency and sustainability one of our main values. All Messen furniture is made from 100% Canadian reclaimed wood, made locally in the Okanagan. Keeping our supply chain local limits the carbon footprint of our products due to the minimal transportation needed to ship to our customers. Our items are made-to-order, resulting in less wasted materials, no wasted storage, and fewer returns. Believe it or not, sustainable furniture exists.

Sustainable Manufacturing

A Heap of Textures

Adding textures to your living space is an easy way to visibly transform your boring apartment into a home staged by a professional interior designer. A simple carpet with a contrasting coffee table can make a massive difference to your guests. Spring for most people involves bright and colourful tones that liven up your mood and attitude, so make your home reflect it. Not to mention our furniture again, but all of our tailored pieces come in 11 divine colours that can help anyone looking to add contrast and texture to their living quarters. Also, the wood veneer displayed on our furniture brings a unique and flexible texture to compliment your home and provides a rustic, yet modern feel. Visit our website to view our collection of bookcases, coffee tables, and tv stands.


Modern is Geometric Furniture

More and more we are starting to see unique, yet functional furniture making moves in the design industry. Of these abstract pieces, there seems to be a trend leaning towards geometric shapes and designs. We’ve seen this trend growing and it influenced the design of our Galaxy bookcase and our Falcon coffee table seen below. These designs occupy a space where a simplistic design meets abstract functionality, and it has proven to be a popular mix. The days of boring old wardrobes and coffee tables are over, the future of furnishing this spring is abstract, yet simple.

Galaxy Bookshelf

We aspire to help our customers learn and enjoy furniture shopping online, hopefully, you found some helpful trends that will help guide your furniture buying endeavors this spring. We would love to hear what you think about our company and products, please reach out to us at info@messenfurniture.com. With any questions, comments, or concerns.

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