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Winter is fast approaching, here are three fall furniture trends for 2021 that will make your space warm and inviting this season.

We’re almost at that point where we will be spending the majority of our time inside. We’ve started to pack away our outdoor furniture and we’re now looking at the prospect of indoor centred activities. Maybe you have stocked up on some good reads or you’re ready to binge watch your favourite show, whatever your thing is, it’s essential that your space feels like a sanctuary, that’s cozy and inviting.

This fall, creating a warm environment is more than just cranking up the thermostat, it’s also about incorporating colours and elements that bring visual warmth and comfort to any given setting. Rich nutty browns, pops of colour and earth tones are a fantastic way to achieve this. I know what you’re thinking, “earth tones for fall… ground breaking”, but they really do bring a depth and essence to a room that grounds and anchors the space. Along with colour pallets, creating an inviting environment is also about how you set up your space to make you want to spend more time in it. Here are three ways to use Messen furniture to bring elements of balance and warmth to a space

Furniture That Grounds & Balances The Room

During the winter months, our living area is where we come together, share stories and cozy up on the couch with friends and family. An essential item that really completes the look, is a great coffee table.

The Falcon coffee table was designed to be the focal point for a gathering space. The balanced, square outline and floating base brings ease and composure to the room, making it the ideal spot to lay out a board game or to put your feet up on as you watch your favourite movie. The low profile of the table also brings in those elements of grounding and stability, a trend we’re seeing as we move into the colder season.



Falcon Coffee Table in the colour After Hours

The dark colour wood adds depth and a mid-century flair to the table, that pairs nicely with any living room furniture and accessories. A good, solid coffee table is going to be a must this year, as we start to plan get together’s inside.

A Reading Nook To Take A Minute

Having a space set up where you can get away, read a book and take a minute to yourself, is always crucial when everyone is packed in the house. To stay with the theme of cozy sanctuaries this season, a reading nook is going to be a great use of space for your home.


Hornet bookcase in the colour After Hours


A wall that has a beautifully fitted bookcase, filled with books you’ve read in the past and books you hope to read in the future, is such a comforting section of a home. The Hornet bookcase acts like it was built for your unique space. The trim cutout lets the wooden bookshelf effortlessly blend into its surroundings.

Because of Messen’s customizability, it really doesn’t matter how big or small your reading nook needs to be, adjust it exactly to your space. Whether you need to take 5 or dive into a book you’ve had on your shelf for months, a tranquil and cozy reading nook is always on trend.

Getting Organized Is Easy with a Great Shelf

As we spend more and more time indoors having an organized space is crucial for staying sane and making your place a relaxing place to be. Being smart about organization is key, we are often looking for a convenient place to keep everything we use in our daily lives and a cubed shelf looks great and comes with all the nooks.




Sabre shelf in the colour After Hours


Here’s why we love the cubed shelf:

  • It’s functional
  • Appealing in any room
  • The perfect shelf for storage boxes that let you personalize the shelf even further


Our Sabre shelf was designed to be an effective storage unit while also being modern enough to be front and centre in your living area. The versatility of the Sabre also makes it the ideal shelf. If you’re needing to break up a room or create some privacy the shelf can be used as a room divider. The open concept shelf allows the room to flow, without blocking out any light or making it feel too closed off, as some dividers can do. Our home is our sacred spaces, and keeping things effortlessly organized this winter will make it that even more inviting to come home to. 

Warm tones, grounding elements and getting organized are our top three furniture trends that will transform your home into an inviting sanctuary this winter season. 

Get started with a collection on our website. Messen furniture is completely customizable and can be tailored to your unique home using our online customizable tool found on our product pages. We leave the details up to you, adjust the height, width, depth and colour of any of our designs to make furniture that’s built for you. 


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