• A moving image of the Galaxy shelf that is expanding and compressing. Showing how big and small the shelf can be. The shelf is in between 2 pictures and on hardwood flooring.

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A dream to make custom, customary.

About Us

A distinguished way of making furniture.

Made in Canada

From Canadian wood, Canadian designs, and a Canadian ethos in a Canadian City. We aren't just proud to make our furniture in Canada - making our products locally is integral to our business model, and that will never change.

Woman holding a Canadian flag above her head, looking over a hill with her back to the viewer.

Made Sustainably

Whether it's the fact that it's made right here in Kelowna, or that it's made from recycled wood sourced from sustainably harvested forests, our products are inherently linked to a green economy. We like it that way.

Close up photo of cedar leaves

Made Better

Not all recycled wood is made the same, and ours is the cream of the crop. We carefully selected material with incredible texture and durability to ensure that your piece doesn't just look great, but that it will stand the test of time. Plus, it's made specifically for you - does it really get any better than that?

Photo of a CNC machine drilling into a piece of wood and sawdust floating in the air. This image shows how Messen's furniture is made right here in Kelowna

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